My First Air Experience flight.

Today I had an amazing day I flew a Grobe Tutor. I got up about 8:30am and was picked up around 10:00am for RAF Wyton alone with Cadet Frank Barquina ,Cadet Jamie Brock and Corporal Paul Avery. Once at RAF Wyton we were given a saftey briefing, this included a video then a talk through on a paracute simulation. Once briefed 5 cadets at a time were taken to a kitting room where they were given a green coveral, paracute, gloves and a helmet with microphone. Then when the pilot and Grobe Tutor were ready each cadets would have a 30- 40 minute session in the sky, during this time the pilot would tell them how to do an aerobatic stunt such as a loop the loop or a Barrel roll. The cadet would then take control and do the stunt for themselves. After their time was up the plain would be landed and another cadet would go up, you would then go to the kitting room and remove your kit. You then go to the saftey briefing room where other flown cadets would wait for the rest of their cadets to finish. This amazing experience is one a cadet can do more then once in their cadet time. It is full of adrenalin and of course G-force! I highly recommend doing this with the cadets as it is free and rewarding.  
By Cadet Lucy Bentley

The first week of March 2010

Hi my name is Jay, I am 14 and I go to air cadets. At air cadets we get up to loads of fun such as: learning about the history of flight, sporting activities, meeting up with friends and a whole lot more. You can put your names down on lists for activities such as: shooting, gliding and flying. I went flying at the weekend and what can I say. IT WAS AMAZING. Me and the pilot that I went up with asked  whether I would like to do some aerobatics, which of course I did and enjoyed. We defied gravity with a G-Force beyond imagination. I also learnt how to do a Loop the Loop and a Barrel roll. If the opportunities arises then I would recommend that you take the activities with both hands. 
Whilst your time in Cadets you can achieve BTECs which don't affect your school GCSEs. Basically being in cadets will set you up in life and indeed any career in or outside the armed forces.
cadet Jamie Brock 

Wing Football Tournament

 My name is Jake Townsend and I am a leading cadet at 2356 Caister. A while back, we had a wing football tournament where a specially picked team of budding footballers from each squadron participated in the Norfolk and Suffolk wing to battle it out to become the wing champion. For the past few years, Caister had dominated the football scene in the East of England, winning the wing cup twice in consecutive years. This year wasn't quite as we expected, coming last in the tournament. We battled hard but lost every game, due to the fact this new side had virtually no confidence and pitch positioning was poor. As the squadron goalkeeper, it was my job to keep the defence in good form, but I got frustrated with the lack of defence employed and inevitably, I let in goals. 
The day was good, but in future, more confidence and practice is needed before playing games